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Celebrity style guide - COLLECTIF

Celebrity style guide



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Is your style bohemian like Keira Knightley's or are you more into glamour a la Paris Hilton?

• Would you like to have fashion know-how like Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, and Mischa Barton?

• Do you want clothes Hilary Duff, Jessica Alba, and Nicky Hilton would envy--without paying superstar prices?

The Editors of Teen People are back to answer these questions and more with a fabulous new style guide to expressing your true self through fashion! The Teen People Celebrity Style Guide will put teens in touch with their "inner stylist," give them the lowdown on body shapes (and how celebrities dress to flatter them), reveal the 10 commandments of shopping, and show them how to look like a million without spending it.

Bursting with photos of teens' favorite celebrities looking gorgeous on and off the red carpet and loaded with lists, charts, quizzes and must-know fashion-information, The Teen People Celebrity Style Guide's ultimate mission is to help teens create their own individual looks.

With 1.1 million subscribers, Teen People is the number 1 source of information for teens. The celebrity focus puts this book in a league of its own by combining teens' two favorite obsessions--mastering the art of looking good and celebrity watching--in a single volume.

Price: $22.95
Title: Celebrity style guide
Release date: July 2006
Editor: TIME INC.
ISBN: 9781933405353 (193340535X)
Renaud-Bray Reference: 595511518
Item nb: 735401

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Celebrity style guide , COLLECTIF
© TIME INC. 2006
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