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The Moment



English book
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The Moment, aside from being [Kennedy's] tenth novel, is his most ambitious to date and most deeply felt ... In The Moment, Douglas Kennedy has created a love story that's very much a product of a particular time and place, and yet the conclusion is beautifully understanding and universal. --Daily Mirror

Kennedy is an absolute master at love stories with heart-stopping twists, but even if you know this and read along expecting the unexpected, the denouement will have you feeling about as intense as printed words can make you... With its glorious evocation of a love affair at its highest height tempered by a wonderful supporting cast of Berlin's distressed beauties and freaks - the people and the buildings - 'The Moment' is simply sensational. --The Times

The storytelling is served up thick and meaty ... there are shadowy spooks and John le Carré-style twists aplenty ... the result is a big, satisfying read. --Daily Mail

Kennedy, like William Boyd and Paul Watkins, has always managed to walk that precarious tight-rope of credibility between the twin towers of popular and literary fiction... Kennedy is particularly adept at capturing the ugliness of modern life... He captures with acuity men's self-destructive nature and the eddies in which husbands, fathers and sons find themselves caught. --Independent on Sunday

A stylish popular novelist and a classy purveyor of the gripping yarn.
--Irish Times

[A] gripping love story. --Good Housekeeping

A morally complex page-turner. --Red Magazine

A beautifully written book which is all about an enduring love, despite what some would describe as truly insurmountable circumstances. Highly recommended. --Bookbag

The story is controlled and gripping, tainting you by taking its time to reveal details of the mystery woman, Petra, socking you with unexpected twists and reassuring you with a sense that his story will follow through and won't let you down. And it doesn't... It is bittersweet and romantic enough to sweep you away - a perfect escapist read. --Irish Independent

An author of consistently engaging and clever bestsellers, Kennedy has ranged from Stateside dramas to noirish thrillers. The Moment pulls together both strains in his fiction, marrying romantic tragedy with Le Carre-style espionage. The novel's set pieces are robustly staged and Kennedy turns the plot on its axis several times. The sadness at the heart of the novel is what makes it more than just an evocative recreation of an interesting time and place.

Price: $19.95
Title: The Moment
Release date: March 2012
Editor: ARROW
Collection: PAPERBACK
ISBN: 9780099509745 (0099509741)
Renaud-Bray Reference: 125557097
Item nb: 1242178

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