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The South beach heart program - ARTHUR AGATSTON

The South beach heart program


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Over a million men and women in this country will suffer a heart attack this year. Another 600,000 will have a stroke. Doctors who practice aggressive prevention see another statistic entirely. Because the truth is, the great majority of these heart attacks and strokes can be prevented - right now, with medical knowledge we already possess. But instead of focusing on prevention, too many doctors and hospitals push for invasive procedures like bypasses that produce more income. In his most personal and passionate work, Dr. Arthur Agatston, who has helped millions of people find a healthy lifestyle, now hopes to champion a revolution in preventive medicine that will save lives. Drawing on nearly three decades as a practicing cardiologist, he outlines the key elements of his program:
Non-invasive imaging of the heart and blood vessels

Advanced blood testing

A regimen of diet, exercise, and medication

Repeat testing to assure the patient and physician that the treatment is working

Dr. Agatston has watched his patients thrive as a result of his prevention strategy. With expert advice from an expert they have learned to trust, the American public can join his Prevention Revolution and take the necessary steps to live healthier and longer.

Prix : 31,95 $
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Titre : The South beach heart program
Date de parution : janvier 2007
Sujet : COEUR
ISBN : 9781594864193 (1594864195)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 365507636
No de produit : 736363

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