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The Wisdom of Wildness - COLLECTIF

The Wisdom of Wildness


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• Explores 13 principles of unconditional love for addressing the trauma of domestication, healing relationships, and restoring deep connection to the inner guidance of your wild soul

• Explains the nature of trauma from the perspective of emotional development

• Provides experiential practices for the cultivation of authentic relationships that are free of exploitation and codependency

After more than twenty years as a professional horsewoman, and applying what she had learned to a half-wild husky dog, Ren Hurst decided to take a deep look into the nature of domestication and humanity’s relationship to other animals. She found that our own domestication--and our resultant disconnection from nature--is the root trauma for much of the human experience, perpetuated by our domestication of others. She then reverse-engineered the conditioning process that leads to domestication and discovered a practical roadmap for deprogramming and undomesticating yourself in order to heal trauma, restore connection, and reclaim the innate wisdom of wildness within.

Sharing enlightening moments from her journey of taking in and connecting with her husky, Denali, the author explains how their growing relationship was testing her to her limits. Yet when she embraced the principles of unconditional love, she found the instinct and intuition necessary so she and the dog could understand one another and find their rightful places within the power dynamics of guardian and dependent. The author shows how, when there is emotional awareness and authentic leadership that links in with your own wild parts, an authentic relationship between human and animal--or between one’s self and another person--is possible.

Looking at the domestication of humanity, the author explains the nature of trauma and disconnection from the perspective of emotional development. She unveils 13 principles of unconditional love for deprogramming yourself, healing the trauma of domestication, and restoring deep connection to inner guidance, your wild soul, and, ultimately, freedom. She also offers experiential practices to help you cultivate authentic, undomesticated relationships free of exploitation and codependency, whether with human or animal companions.

Helping you reclaim the innate wildness within, Ren Hurst explores how to rewild your heart, receive guidance from your wild soul, and approach your life path with authenticity and emotional maturity.

Prix : 21,50 $
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Titre : The Wisdom of Wildness
Date de parution : septembre 2022
ISBN : 9781644116791 (16441167911)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 17929938
No de produit : 3705728

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