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A wine lover's diary - COLLECTIF

A wine lover's diary


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A Wine Lover's Diary is the perfect journal for both oenophiles and newcomers to the world of wines. Beautifully detailed woodcut illustrations enhance page after page of welcoming entries in which to record wine discoveries, preferences and cellar inventories. Every consideration has been given to what a wine lover may wish to remember:

The Wine List for creating a personal list of wines to taste
The Wine Record for reviewing and remembering wines tasted
The Wine Cellar for recording the comings and goings in your wine cellar
Wining and Dining for recording those wines enjoyed in restaurants and on special occasions - no more forgetting the name of that fabulous wine at last Saturday's dinner
oenophiles will appreciate the Wine-Tasting Clubs section, to record notes on wines tasted at wine club meetings
Divine Wines for creating personalized lists of favorite wines by region or vintner, by white and red wines, plus dessert and pink/blush
The Festival of Wine for filling the calendar with wine-related activities - visits to wine festivals or winery tours
All About Wine for listing favorite or "must read" books or publications, web sites and favorite quotations

Wine for the Neophyte Oenophile offers the ideal introduction to wines, a concise listing of basic tips for buying, drinking and keeping wine, plus an introduction to grape varieties and wine vintages, deciphering wine labels, ordering wine in restaurants, and the mysterious language of wine critics.Everyone is swamped with information these days. It seems that, unless needed for our jobs or families, valuable information is relegated to the back burners of our minds and quickly forgotten. A Wine Lover's Diary, like the others in the series, helps us to remember the smaller but still important details that color our lives.

Prix : 14,95 $
Catégorie :
Titre : A wine lover's diary
Date de parution : octobre 2005
Éditeur : FIREFLY
ISBN : 9781552093696 (1552093697)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 165509688
No de produit : 307028

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A wine lover's diary , COLLECTIF
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