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What Your Dog's Breed Says About You - JO HOARE

What Your Dog's Breed Says About You


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Have you noticed how some dogs look like their owners? Or that certain people are drawn to specific breeds?like curly haired people and Poodles? Do you question whether it’s really worth the money to take your dog to the Paw Seasons groomers or struggle to believe that Tindog (Tinder for dogs) is really a thing? The answers to all these questions and more are revealed in What Your Dog’s Breed Says About You.

Contained within are 25 brilliant profiles of the most popular canine companions out there, using a series of character sketches to detail the quirks and foibles of each breed and its owner. Take the Golden Retriever, shedding endless hairs onto the couches of well-to-do families in waxed jackets across the western world. Or the hardheaded Dachshund, who will belligerently resist any efforts to be trained by its control-freak owner.

Also included is a section on The Issues, which covers key topics common to all dogs and their owners, like whether your dog should be allowed to sleep on the bed with you, the politics of poop, pampering your pooch, and the ultimate dog diet. Finally, there’s a fun quiz outlining the dog breed that you really should have.

Prix : 16,95 $
Catégorie :
Auteur :  JO HOARE
Titre : What Your Dog's Breed Says About You
Date de parution : septembre 2017
Éditeur : DOG 'N' BONE
Sujet : CHIENS
ISBN : 9781911026129 (1911026127)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 12606814
No de produit : 2298047

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What Your Dog's Breed Says About You , HOARE, JO
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