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On track: Competency and grammar-based learning: Activity book 4 + Student Digital Components 4 (12-month access) - LIA ROY - KEN BEATTY

On track: Competency and grammar-based learning: Activity book 4 + Student Digital Components 4 (12-month access)


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An effective combination of print and digital content
An effective all-in-one activity book

Make your Secondary 4 students shine in English! Get a well-designed activity book including interrelated THEME-BASED CHAPTERS and GRAMMAR UNITS, with reading, writing, vocabulary, oral activities, grammar and more. Everything you need, all in one book!
Spark your students' interest

Appealing themes such as "Fifteen Minutes of Fame," "The Butterfly Effect" and "Music to My Ears" will get your students on board for English class. It's much easier to help students progress in their learning when they're motivated.
Get content that's within students' reach yet challenging

On Track 4 features texts made accessible through the use of high-frequency words and specific preparation tasks. The material also includes watching activities that help students understand authentic media texts. Text models and a step-by-step approach to final tasks offer support for writing. More structured options for all oral-interaction tasks ensure even weaker students can interact orally. Meanwhile, stronger students will find writing and speaking challenges in the Go Further sections. All the content is geared toward supporting students in their learning, building their self-confidence and ensuring they can all benefit from the material, whatever their level.
Six exciting and thought-provoking theme-based chapters feature:

meaningful development of grammar in context
conscious recycling of targeted vocabulary words in each chapter
reading texts made easily accessible through use of high-frequency vocabulary
structured tasks that develop reading strategies, grammar knowledge and vocabulary comprehension
reinvestment activities to recycle new language and concepts
watching activities with support for understanding authentic media texts
oral-interaction activities with differentiated models for extra guidance
Go Further activities that challenge students to apply what they have learned
step-by-step Final Tasks that encourage students to use their newly acquired vocabulary and grammar knowledge in their own writing

Twelve grammar-based units feature:

thorough presentation of grammar rules, with clear charts and examples
short texts for students to observe grammar structures in context
exercises that range from recognition and understanding to production and editing
editing exercises that teach students to identify and correct common errors
It's Your Turn activities that challenge students to apply grammar rules in a final writing task
What Have You Learned?, which tests students on their understanding of grammar structures
Grammar Review, which offers opportunities for mixed practice
a colour-coded referencing system that conveniently connects the grammar units to the theme-based chapters and allows flexibility for both teacher and student

The Reference Section features:

strategies and tips for understanding texts
models of different text types
a glossary
a chart on capitalization and punctuation
a chart of irregular verbs

Prix : 21,45 $
Catégorie :
Auteur :  LIA ROY
Titre : On track: Competency and grammar-based learning: Activity book 4 + Student Digital Components 4 (12-month access)
Date de parution : juin 2017
Éditeur : ERPI
Pages : 1 vol.
ISBN : 9782761384599 (2761384598)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 12481540
No de produit : 2271051

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On track: Competency and grammar-based learning: Activity book 4 + Student Digital Components 4 (12-month access) , ROY, LIA*BEATTY, KEN
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