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The Palace of Glass - DJANGO WEXLER

The Palace of Glass


11,99 $

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The third book in the action-packed Forbidden Library series—for fans of Story Thieves, Inkheart, Coraline, and Harry Potter.

For Alice, danger threatens from inside the library as well as out. Her master and uncle, Geryon, is not the mild scholar he pretends to be, and now Alice knows his role in the disappearance of her father. Ending—the mysterious, magical giant feline and guardian of Geryon's library—knows of a spell hidden inside the Palace of Glass that would allow Alice to trap Geryon. But Ending hasn't told Alice everything. With Geryon trapped, there's no one to stop the other Readers from sending their apprentices to attack Geryon's library. Alice enlists the help of the apprentices and the magical creatures imprisoned in Geryon's library, promising them freedom from Readers altogether. She prepares to face an impending attack from the combined might of the Readers, not knowing who, if anyone, she can trust.

"Readers will appreciate following an astute heroine whose ultimate ambition . . . [is] to remake the entire cruel and corrupt world around her. A busy continuing saga filled with fantastical drama and feisty finagling."—Kirkus Reviews

"The world of the Forbidden Library continues to deepen, adding new magical creatures, new relationships, and new adversaries to an already solid fantasy franchise founded on an appealing heroine, a deft plot, and gripping adventure sequences."—The Horn Book

Prix : 11,99 $
Catégorie :
Titre : The Palace of Glass
Date de parution : septembre 2098
Éditeur : PUFFIN
Sujet : ENFANTS - 9 A 12 FICTION
ISBN : 9780142426838 (01424268311)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 12066081
No de produit : 2206310

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The Palace of Glass , WEXLER, DJANGO
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