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In defence of dogs - JOHN BRADSHAW

In defence of dogs


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John Bradshaw is one of the world's leading dog experts, and In Defence of Dogs gives us a uniquely authoritative insight into what dogs would ask us for, if only they knew how.

The dog has been mankind's faithful companion for tens of thousands of years, yet today finds itself in crisis throughout the western world. Until just over a hundred years ago, most dogs worked for their living, and each of the many breeds had become well suited, over countless generations, to the task for which they were bred. Now, in their purely domestic roles we fail to understand their needs. And it is time that someone stood up for dogdom: not the caricature of the wolf in a dog suit, ready to dominate its unsuspecting owner at the first sign of weakness, not the trophy animal that collects rosettes and kudos for its breeder, but the real dog, the pet that just wants to be one of the family and enjoy life.

Biologists now know far more about what really makes dogs tick than they did twenty years ago - and John Bradshaw has been at the centre of this research. However, this new scientific understanding has been slow to percolate through to owners, and has not yet made enough of a difference to the lives of the dogs themselves. This book is here to set the record straight. It is time we understood one of the most successful species on the planet, our closest friends, the dog.

Prix : 47,50 $
Catégorie :
Titre : In defence of dogs
Date de parution : 06 mars 2012
Éditeur : ALLEN LANE
Sujet : CHIENS
ISBN : 9781846142956 (1846142954)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 355509359
No de produit : 1252453

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