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Rau's respiratory care pharmacology 8th ed. - DOUGLAS S GARDENHIRE

Rau's respiratory care pharmacology 8th ed.


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Celebrating its 30th year in publication, the new edition of this classic resource boasts enhanced readability, a full-color design, and a new author who brings a fresh perspective on respiratory care pharmacology. This authoritative book provides essential, need-to-know information about respiratory pharmacology in an easy-to-understand format that simplifies complex concepts and prepares you for practice. Completely updated, this edition includes the most recent FDA approved medications and reflects the current state of respiratory care practice in today's health care environment.

Logically organized and easy-to-read, this resource provides complete coverage of pharmacokinetic principles as they relate to respiratory care.
Offers a solid foundation in the basics of respiratory care pharmacology with information on the principles of drug action, the basic methods of drug administration, standard drug calculations, and the effects of drugs on body systems.
Includes comprehensive information on the drugs most frequently delivered to patients by respiratory therapists.
Provides concise coverage of the drugs used to treat critical care and cardiovascular patients.

Handpicked by Joseph Rau, new author Douglas Gardenhire brings a fresh, new perspective on respiratory care pharmacology.
Completely updated and revised, this book provides you with coverage of the most recent FDA approved medications and prepares you for a career as a respiratory care professional in today's health care environment. Drug updates are posted to Evolve as they become available.
More readable than ever, this edition features a simplified presentation to help you more easily grasp complex concepts.
A new full-color design and vivid illustrations enhance readability, clarify key concepts and help you quickly locate important information.
Learning objectives at the start of each chapter parallel the recall, analysis, and application levels tested on the NBRC exam to help you prepare for certification.
Key terms with definitions at the beginning of each chapter help you master essential terminology.
Key Points boxes help you identify the most important concepts presented in each chapter.

Prix : 99,94 $
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Titre : Rau's respiratory care pharmacology 8th ed.
Date de parution : janvier 2012
Collection : PAPERBACK
ISBN : 9780323075282 (0323075282)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 365511370
No de produit : 1238759

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Rau's respiratory care pharmacology 8th ed. , GARDENHIRE, DOUGLAS S
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