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Upstairs Downstairs (Season 1) - UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS

Upstairs Downstairs (Season 1)


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Disc I
On Trial - The first-ever episode of Upstairs, Downstairs. Sarah, a new underparlourmaid with a clouded past, is caught stealing from the kitchen.
The Mistress and the Maids - The Bellamys are aghast when an artist hired to paint a portrait of Lady Marjorie unveils two new works at a Royal Academy show - the commissioned portrait and a racy picture of two half-naked maids in bed in an attic room.
Board Wages - With the family and senior servants away on summer holiday, the remaining staff have a small party.
The Path of Duty - Elizabeth Bellamy returns form her stay in Dresden with a newfound contempt for London society.

Disc II
A Suitable Marriage - A German baron comes to stay with the Bellamys, and it appears that he and Elizabeth are striking up a romance.
A Cry for Help - Richard Bellamy discovers that the new maid, Mary, is pregnant.
Magic Casements - When prior engagements prevent Richard Bellamy from attending an opera with the Lady Marjorie, he asks a young army Captain - a friend of their son James - to escort her instead.
I Dies From Love - Emily - the Bellamy's downtrodden Irish kitchen-maid - falls deeply in love with a footman from another household.

Disc III
Why is Her Door Locked? - Mrs. Bridges - distraught over Emily's suicide - succumbs to a momentary impulse and steals a baby from its pram.
A Voice from the Past - Sarah, the former housemaid, comes back to the Bellamy's employ after she is found in line at a soup kitchen.
The Swedish Tiger - Sarah catches the valet of a Swedish houseguest stealing from the Bellamys.
The Key of The Door - Elizabeth's infatuation with a dashing young poet leads her to falling in with a group of young leftists, much to her parents' dismay.

Disc IV
For the Love of Love - Estranged from her family and living with a friend, Elizabeth becomes increasingly involved with the poet Lawrence Kirbridge.
Special Added Bonus: Upstairs, Downstairs Remembered: The 25th Anniversary Special - Intimate interviews with cast and crew as well as favorite clips offer a revealing, behind-the-scenes look at 165 Eaton Place and the Bellamy household.

Prix : 33,99 $
Catégorie :
Titre : Upstairs Downstairs (Season 1)
Date de parution : juin 2002
Langue : Anglais
UPC : 733961702606
Référence Renaud-Bray : 750097707
No de produit : 729784

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