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Charles Dickens collection (6DVD) - DICKENS CHARLES

Charles Dickens collection (6DVD)


74,99 $

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Six BBC adaptations of Charles Dickens's works are brought together on this collection.BLEAK HOUSE: This BBC production of a Dickens's 1852 classic brings to life a host of famous characters. It is at the Court of Chancery, London, where the case of Jarndyce vs. Jarndyce has dragged on for many years. As new evidence is brought out in court, an increasing number of innocent victims are ground down by this suit.GREAT EXPECTATIONS: This is Charles Dickens's story of humble village boy Pip, who is orphaned at an early age and brought up by his domineering sister and her blacksmith husband. The story follows Pip's journey through boyhood and into the fine life he has made for himself in London, but his callous behavior catches up to him, and he is faced with the knowledge of what he has become.HARD TIMES: Charles Dickens once again takes aim at the industrialist movement in England in this, his most bitter indictment of capitalism. Thomas Gradgrind subjects his children to such grim, emotionless practicality that his daughter becomes horribly repressed and tragically marries a boorish banker, while his son becomes a coldhearted thief.MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT: Another wonderful slice of drama from the BBC, this adaptation of Charles Dickens's MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT is an amusing take on a classic theme. Among the talented cast are Keith Allen (SHALLOW GRAVE) as Jonas Chuzzlewit, Roger Ashton-Griffiths (MERLIN) as George Chuzzlewit, Ben Walden as Martin Chuzzlewit, Pete Postlethwaite (BRASSED OFF) as Tigg Montague, and many others. As the salient tale of greed unfolds, the glittering cast delivers some stellar performances throughout.OLIVER TWIST: This BBC production offers an adaptation of Charles Dickens's classic tale OLIVER TWIST. Oliver is an orphan boy who falls in with a group of criminals, until the mercurial Mr. Brownlow rescues him and triggers a series of adventures. OUR MUTUAL FRIEND: In this television adaptation of Dickens's last completed novel, John Harmon (Mackintosh) stars as is a young man who must marry a stranger in order to inherit a sizable sum of money. Rather than accept this fate, Harmon decides to fake his own demise in order to discover the identity of his unknown betrothed.

Prix : 74,99 $
Catégorie :
Titre : Charles Dickens collection (6DVD)
Date de parution : septembre 2005
Langue : Anglais
Sous-titres : Anglais
UPC : 7940511234421
Référence Renaud-Bray : 750077161
No de produit : 662945

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