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Carnival Of Souls (4 Bonus Movies)

Carnival Of Souls (4 Bonus Movies)

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*** Résumé en anglais seulement ***

Carnival of Souls
A thrilling drag race turns into a calamitous tragedy when one of the racing cars, carrying three young women, loses control and soars off a bridge, plunging into the murky depths of the river below. Officials search the water for bodies but to no avail. The girls are thought to be dead despite the missing corpses, until one of the passengers, Mary Henry (Candace Hilligoss), staggers from the water. Without any recollection of the accident, Mary vows to go on with her life. But then a chilling apparition of a strange man appears to her with increasing frequency—and then there are the strange stretches of time when Mary becomes invisible to passersby on the street. Mary is desperate for answers, but nothing makes sense—especially her peculiar feeling that it all has something to do with the eerie, abandoned carnival on the outskirts of town. But when the sunken car is found and pulled from the river, nothing can explain why all three bodies are inside—including Mary's.

Chamber of Horrors
Dr. Manetta (Leslie Banks) is a wealthy heir who dabbles in mysteries and murder. First, the demented doctor lures people into his mansion to try their hand at opening the "door with seven locks" by answering a series of riddles. Behind the door lies the tomb of the long-departed Lord Selford, and more importantly, his treasure trove of jewels. But no one has ever been able to crack the crazy doctor's cryptic codes and open the door. When the hopeful treasure hunters fail—as they inevitably do—Dr. Manetta leads them to his dark, dank dungeon of torture where he gleefully torments his captives until they expire. The doctor's devious scheme has always been successful, but when he kidnaps a lovely young girl (Lilli Palmer), Manetta sets in motion a chain of events that will bring justice to his victims—and his own ultimate demise.

The Last Man on Earth
A sinister plague has swept the earth, transforming mankind into a new breed of creatures that have vampire-like tendencies. Every human has been infected—with the exception of one man: scientist Robert Morgan (Vincent Price), who is immune to the virus. Because of this, he is the last hope of preserving humanity. Now forced underground into hiding, Morgan becomes the demon slayer that the new vampire race fears. But is one lone man enough to destroy an entire race of demonic vampires? The odds are stacked against him...

White Zombie
A wealthy Haitian plantation owner, Charles Beaumont (Robert Frazer), has the most sinister of intentions when he invites a young couple to get married on his estate. Enamored with the lovely Madeline (Madge Bellamy), Charles, in cahoots with the local witch doctor, Murder Legendre (Bela Lugosi), plots to cause Madeline's untimely death and then bring her back to life as his eternal love slave. The devious pair goes through with the plan, but in a delicious plot twist, Legendre refuses to release the young woman's soul to Beaumont. Now it's up to Madeline's faithful fiancé (John Harron) to bring down the villainous men and their twisted game to free his love from eternal purgatory.

The Bat
The setting of this murder mystery takes place at a creepy mansion leased for the summer by Cornelia Van Gorder (Agnes Moorehead), an eccentric mystery writer. But soon after Cornelia moves in, a strange prowler, who is later dubbed The Bat, breaks into the mansion clad in a fedora, mask, and gloves outfitted with razor-sharp metal claws, looking for a victim...

Prix : 12,99 $
Titre : Carnival Of Souls (4 Bonus Movies)
Date de parution : mai 2016
Langue : Anglais
UPC : 096009851996
Référence Renaud-Bray : 10053231
No de produit : 1879325

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