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WWII Movie Collection (10 Movie Set) (3 DVD)

WWII Movie Collection (10 Movie Set) (3 DVD)

19,99 $

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*** Résumé en anglais seulement ***


Enjoy 10 film classics that cover the the entire Second World War on all battle fronts. Featuring Van Johnson, Randolph Scott, David Niven, George Montgomery and many more.

Go For Broke
In this Oscar-nominated film, a group of Japanese-American volunteers is organized into the 442nd Regimental Combat Team for deployment into the European theatre of operations. Led by Lt. Mike Grayson, a bigoted Texan ho has no faith in the skills or conviction of the men under his command, the men train hard to prove themselves to their commander, the army and themselves.
(1951) Black and White 91 Min NR

Gung Ho!
Responsible for organizing a battalion to raid the Japanese-held Makim Island, Colonel Thorwald (Randolph Scott) recruits his volunteers from the less-desirable prospects such as barroom brawlers, misfits and borderline psychos.
(1943) Black and White 87 Min NR

A British cruiser patrolling the North Atlantic on convoy protection finds itself in great danger. A German battleship discovers the convoy and plans to destroy as many vessels as it possibly can. The crew of the British cruiser must try to engage the battleship to give the convoy a chance to make it to safe harbor.
(1940) Black and White 77 Min NR

A group of Italian-American soldiers is recruited for a special mission, vital to the American forces about to land in North Africa. The squad is assigned the task of infiltrating and holding an Italian base located near the beachhead the Americans plan to establish in two days time. The squad must not only hold the base but it must fool the German troops scheduled to arrive just prior to the American invasion.
(1968) Color 98 Min Rated PG

Immortal Battalion
A battalion of raw recruits faces basic training and their differences in this wartime film. As the recruits work hard to get past their insecurities and inexperience, they are faced with completing their training and prepare for combat duty in North Africa.
(1944) Black and White 88 Min NR

They Raid By Night
A trio of commandos parachutes into Nazi-occupied Norway in order to rescue an Allied general being held in a concentration camp.
(1942) Black and White 69 Min NR

This WWII biographical title covers the story of R.J. Mitchell, British aircraft designer, and his development of the famous Spitfire fighter plane.
(1942) Black and White 88 Min NR

The Steel Claw
Prior to World War II, a Marine stationed in the Philippines suffers a terrible accident, which results in him losing a hand and forcing his discharge from the service. When the Japanese invade the Philippines, some guerilla fighters take an American general under their protection while behind enemy lines.
(1961) Color 97 Min NR

Hell in Normandy
A squad of American paratrooper commandos led by Guy Madison is dropped into France prior to the invasion of Normandy. Once in enemy territory, the squad meets up with a German double agent (Peter Lee Lawrence) who helps them infiltrate a German flamethrower installation.
(1960) Color 90 Min NR

Escape from Sobibor
Based upon a true story, this film tells the tale of the Nazi death camp located near Sobibor, Poland where prisoners with no skills were sent to the gas chambers, while the rest were sent into forced labor. After an escape at a nearby camp, the camp commandant vows to kill an equal number of prisoners for any who try to escape. The prisoners come up with a plan to attempt a mass escape and free everyone, to avoid the repercussions.

Prix : 19,99 $
Titre : WWII Movie Collection (10 Movie Set) (3 DVD)
Date de parution : juin 2015
Langue : Anglais
UPC : 683904540331
Référence Renaud-Bray : 752400476
No de produit : 1725590

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