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Vengeance Of An Assassin

Vengeance Of An Assassin

24,99 $

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*** Résumé en anglais seulement ***

Being an assassin has its rules always keep your eyes on your target; strict to your mission, execute without any hesitation and there is no room for negotiation! Each killer has his own background, but all of them has trade in their blood and losses. After they escape to a safe house where he had grown up with his brother Than . He is badly injured but is cured by a Chinese Doctor Si Fu , from the girl s family. Than falls in love with Ploy at first sight without knowing that Natee also has some feelings towards the girl. Finally, the family is together again and his uncle, Tanom decides to unveil the big secret he has kept about Natee and Than s parents. But the assassins don t give them time to breath. Being focus and utilizing all of their capabilities is the only way to survive. They have to be faster, stronger and hit harder!

Prix : 24,99 $
Titre : Vengeance Of An Assassin
Date de parution : avril 2015
Sous-titres : Anglais
Éditeur : WELL GO USA
UPC : 812491015216
Référence Renaud-Bray : 750202230
No de produit : 1701410

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Vengeance Of An Assassin
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