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Berg - Lulu - BERG

Berg - Lulu


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*** Résumé en anglais seulement ***

The famous Berg opera, newly revised in a special shortened version by David Robert Coleman and Andrea Breth
An exquisite cast, led by Mojca Erdmann in her debut as Lulu
Also Barenboim s first engagement as conductor of Lulu
The Staatsoper Orchestra Staatskapelle Berlin in their temporary new home, the Schillertheater

Scene 1. An artist s studio. Lulu is posing for the portrait which her husband, the professor of medicine, has commissioned. The editor-in-chief Dr Schön and his composer son Alwa have been visiting. They leave her alone with the painter, who is unable to resist her. The professor suddenly arrives at the studio and, seeing the two together, collapses and dies.
Scene 2. Lulu is now married to the painter, but is still involved with Dr Schön. She is bored with her husband and enraged at Schön s decision to become engaged to a respectable young society lady. An old man, Schigolch, comes to the door. The painter takes him for a beggar, but he is an old associate of Lulu s, who pretends to be her father. Dr Schön is the next caller; Lulu complains to him of her husband s blindness; Dr Schön then disabuses the painter of any illusions he may have about his wife and her background, whereupon the painter kills himself.
Scene 3. Lulu is with Alwa in her dressing room at the theatre. When she goes onstage, Alwa has a conversation with the prince, an explorer who wants to take her to Africa. Suddenly there is trouble in the auditorium Lulu has fainted onstage. Dr Schön, who has been in the audience with his fiancée, gestures for the others to leave. Lulu is incensed at having to dance in front of his fiancée, and gradually she manipulates Schön into writing a letter breaking off his engagement.

Scene 1. Lulu and Dr Schön are now married, but their house is full of Lulu s hangers-on Schigolch, a schoolboy, an athlete and Countess Geschwitz, who is in love with her. Schön pretends to leave for the stock exchange but returns to spy on what happens when he is away. Even his son Alwa is infatuated with Lulu. Schön steps forward with a revolver which he presses into Lulu s hands and insists that she shoot herself. However, she turns the revolver on him and shoots him in the back.
Scene 2. The athlete, Alwa and Geschwitz are in Schön s house, now dusty and unlived-in. Geschwitz has infected herself with cholera and passed the infection on to Lulu, whose place she is now about to take in the prison hospital. The athlete hopes that Lulu will join him in a circus act, but when she staggers in on Schigolch s arm, he threatens to denounce her to the police. Lulu persuades Alwa, to flee the country with her.

Lulu is now a prostitute in London, living in a garret with Schigolch and Alwa. Countess Geschwitz arrives with Lulu s portrait and attempts to persuade her not to go out on the streets. However, Lulu does go out and comes back with a client who attacks her. Alwa grabs him from behind but the client stabs and kills him. Lulu goes in search of another client, while Geschwitz thinks about killing herself. Lulu comes back with another client Jack the Ripper. Just as Geschwitz decides to start a new life, the dying Lulu is heard screaming.

Prix : 29,99 $
Catégorie :
Auteur :  BERG
Titre : Berg - Lulu
Date de parution : mars 2015
UPC : 044007349342
Référence Renaud-Bray : 752500430
No de produit : 1699847

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