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6-Film Collection: Movies Of Excellence: Race To Freedom/Endgame (Volume 3)

6-Film Collection: Movies Of Excellence: Race To Freedom/Endgame (Volume 3)

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*** Résumé en anglais seulement ***

Tyrone "Pine Top" Purvis will try anything to keep his blues lounge, The Honeydripper, alive. Betting all his chips on the performance of a popular musician, Pine Top is devastated to learn that he's a no-show. Now, armed only with faith and an electric guitar, Pine Top must rely on a young drifter to liven up the Honeydripper and keep his dreams afloat.

Based on the novel by Gary Paulsen, Nightjohn is the triumphant story of twelve-year-old Sarny, a slave in the ante-bellum South who faces a grim future...until Nightjohn arrives. A former runaway slave, he takes Sarny under his wing and secretly teaches her to read and write, a crime punishable by death. Together, the two free other slaves by forging passes to the North...until a planned escape is discovered, and Sarny's knowledge becomes her most deadly asset.

Sophie and The Moonhanger
Bonnie and Sophie are the best of friends. But in the 1950s South, their friendship is unique—Sophie is Bonnie's hired help...and Bonnie's husband, Ray, is the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan. With their Klan participation a secret, it doesn't seem to matter that Sophie is black—until her husband opens a new garage too close to a white man's shop. As Sophie's family suffers the wrath of Ray and the KKK, Bonnie tries to stand up for her friend...with dangerous consequences.

Race to Freedom: The Underground Railroad
From one of the most troubled and dramatic periods in American history comes a story of courage and true love that transcends the ages. Race to Freedom: The Underground Railroad is the story of heroic fugitives, bold conductors, and a candle in the window; the story of those who risked their lives by taking charge of their destiny, all for the chance to be free.

With Nelson Mandela locked away in jail and the country in shambles, a business man—with interest in a more stable environment—engages opposing parties in secret discussions to iron out a plan for peace. Aided by a professor and a political leader, the fight to set Mandela free comes to a climax.

The Execution of Raymond Graham
Raymond Graham has been a criminal since age 19. Now 28, Ray has landed himself on death row. But with a few sentencing delays under his belt, lethal injection hasn't been a serious threat...until now. As Ray prepares for his last hours on Earth, he shares his story with a compassionate priest and a sympathetic warden while those he has hurt reflect on the impact of his life—and death.

Prix : 15,99 $
Titre : 6-Film Collection: Movies Of Excellence: Race To Freedom/Endgame (Volume 3)
Date de parution : janvier 2015
Langue : Anglais
UPC : 096009339340
Référence Renaud-Bray : 750201472
No de produit : 1650501

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6-Film Collection: Movies Of Excellence: Race To Freedom/Endgame (Volume 3)
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