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Weiner Dog Nationals -

Weiner Dog Nationals

15,99 $

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*** Résumé en anglais seulement ***

Shelly, a tiny wiener dog, dreams of winning the Wiener Nationals. Too bad it is literally just a dream and no one believes she can do it. Her owner Phil blames the dog for making him late to work, something his son, Danny, laughs at until Phil loses his job for being late one too many times. Before Danny hears the bad news, he and his sister sneak out to Wienerschnitzel to grab some lunch. While there they learn about the Wiener Nationals and the amazing $100,000 grand prize. Danny believes Shelly may have a chance, but an angry Phil does not want to hear about it, forcing Danny to sneak Shelly into the race. She places third, just enough to qualify for the next round. When Phil finds out, he becomes angry with the kids for sneaking behnd his back, and grounds them all. Fortunately for everyone, Melanie, one of the promoters, convinces Phil to reconsider. To everyone's surprise Shelly places in the Regionals and is given a chance to advance to the Nationals. While at the Regionals they meet Handshake, another wiener dog, named after his one trick, who falls immediately in love with Shelly. Danny and his family take Shelly out to train the next day, knowing that the competition at the Regionals will be much more fierce than the State Finals. Phil accidentally injures the dog. Danny is furious. Not having anyone else to turn to, Phil takes the dog to Melanie's house where she treats Shelly. Ms. Merryweather snaps photos of the meeting. The group heads out to celebrate and there, Ms. Merryweather, the proud owner of Princess, the three year reigning Wiener Dog Nationals champion, hands over the photos of Melanie and Phi huggingl to Judge Brown. A big no-no in the Wiener Dog Nationals handbook as no representative of the race should be caught socializing with a racer. When news of the rendezvous reaches the Judge of the Wiener Nationals, Melanie is banned from being at the one event she has devoted her entire life towards, The Wiener Dog Nationals. It is against the rules for participants to have a personal relationship with the judges. Shelly races in the Regionals and places second, just enough to get her into the Nationals, despite her injury. Phil and Danny train Shelly together, get her in top shape and take her to the Nationals. There she faces the biggest, meanest wiener dogs the world has ever seen. Surprisingly, Shelly beats the competition, shocking not just her owners but the entire Nation as well.

Prix : 15,99 $
Titre : Weiner Dog Nationals
Date de parution : juillet 2013
UPC : 815300011720
Référence Renaud-Bray : 753564131
No de produit : 1387800

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