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The World in six songs - DANIEL J LEVITIN

The World in six songs


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Daniel Levitin’s new book showcases his daring theory of “six songs,” illuminating how the brain evolved to play and listen to music in six fundamental forms— for knowledge, friendship, ceremony, joy, comfort, and love. Levitin shows how music and dance enabled the social bonding and friendship necessary for human culture and society to evolve. Blending cutting-edge scientific findings with his own sometimes hilarious experiences as a musician and music-industry professional, Levitin’s sweeping study also incorporates wisdom gleaned from interviews with icons ranging from Sting and Paul Simon to Joni Mitchell,Willie Nelson, and David Byrne. The result is a brilliant revelation of the prehistoric yet elegant systems at play when we sing and dance at a wedding or cheer at a concert—or tune out quietly with an iPod.

"With protean musical reach and intellectual grasp...a Pied Piper celebrating diversity within community, in this exploration of music, emotion, and the brain. Now with a freer, more personal voice, Levitin provides an exemplary mix of scientist and artist, student and teacher, performer and listener."
—Library Journal

"Music seems to have an almost willful, evasive quality, defying simple explanation, so that the more we find out, the more there is to know, leaving its power and mystery intact, however much we may dig and delve. Daniel's book is an eloquent and poetic exploration of this paradox. There may be no simple answer or end in sight, but the ride is nonetheless a thrilling one, especially in the company of a writer who is an accomplished musician, a poet, a hard-nosed scientist, and someone who can still look upon the universe with a sense of wonder."

"The human mind is an amazing thing and its greatest attribute is imagination; from this has come great inventions, medical discoveries and art. All those great works from Bach onwards up to the present day have come from the fertile imagination of the human brain. Without music, the most sublime of arts, we would be little more than animals. In Six Songs, Mr. Levitin explains it all beautifully."
—Sir George Martin, CBE, Producer of The Beatles

"To try to cover the meaning of music throughout the history of mankind to how we still use it everyday is extraordinarily ambitious. Combining musical expertise, psychology, anthropology and evolutionary science, Daniel Levitin's Six Songs has accomplished this astonishing task."
—Jon Appleton, Composer and Professor of Music, Dartmouth College and Stanford University, and co-inventor of the Synclavier

"I was skeptical when I began reading. The stated goal seemed outlandish. But by the time I was about one-third the way into The World in Six Songs, I realized just how powerful it is. It really is a tour de force. It is exquisitely written, and brings together a vast array of knowledge, tying things together in creative ways, while always remaining accessible. This promises to be not only another widely read hit, but also an important document for the field of music cognition."
—Jamshed Bharucha, Provost and Professor of Psychology, Tufts University

"This wonderful, lucid book takes on one of the great eternal questions: Why is there music? What does music do for humanity—for individual development and for a culture—that in turn accounts for its existence in every known society? Daniel Levitin is not only the preeminent expert in answering such questions, but one of those unique writers about science who understands his field so profoundly that he can make the complex straightforward. This is an exciting, revelatory book."
—Scott Turow, Author of Presumed Innocent and Ordinary Heroes

"I loved 'The World in Six Songs.' Daniel Levitin writes about music with all the exuberance of a die-hard fan, and all the insight of a natural-born scientist. This is a fascinating, entertaining book, and some of its most inventive themes may stay stuck in your head forever, something like a well-loved song."
—Elizabeth Gilbert, Author of "Eat, Pray, Love"

"Daniel Levitin takes the most sophisticated ideas that exist about the brain and mind, applies them to the most emotionally direct art we have, our songs, and makes beautiful music of the two together."
—Adam Gopnik, Essayist, The New Yorker and Author, Paris to the Moon

"Why can a song make you cry in a matter of seconds? From classical to contemporary music, Six Songs is the only book that explains why. With original and awe-inspiring insights into the nature of human artistry, it's an irrestably entertaining and thought provoking journey. Anyone who loves music should read it."
—Bobby McFerrin, Singer, Composer ("Don't Worry Be Happy"), Conductor (Vienna Philharmonic)

"This is the worst idea for a book I've ever heard—it makes me want to vomit. The idea encapsulates the very worst part of Western thought. It makes a purely Socratic distinction about something that isn't intellectualizable." [One week later:] "I take it back - I'm sorry! This is great!"
—Joni Mitchell

"I don't like the idea of this at all. How can you tell the story of the world in six songs? Who does this guy think he is telling me what these six songs should be?" [A few hours later:] "Hmmm. . .This is kind of interesting. I think I could come up with six songs to tell the story of the world. . .What's that guy's name again?"
—Willie Nelson

"In a brilliantly novel approach to human evolution, Levitin has sought to encapsulate diverse cultures in a set of six songs representative of friendship, joy, comfort, knowledge, religion and love. That he is able to achieve so much with this small set of songs says something truly important about our common humanity."
—Michael I. Posner, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Oregon

Passionate and insightful. Daniel Levitin has written a delightfully personal epic poem proposing a central role for music in the evolution of human emotion and behavior. Now, musicians and neuroscientists have a common vocabulary with which to argue our human origins."
—Julie R. Korenberg, M.D. Ph.D., The Brain Institute, University of Utah

"Insightful and stimulating, with personal anecdotes that add a poignant dimension anyone can relate to."
—Gary Lucas, legendary guitarist, composer

"I read every word, and even hummed along with many of the songs. It is a friendly, joyous, comforting, knowledgeable, religious, and loverly book. An amazing piece of work."
—Lewis R. Goldberg, Senior Scientist, Oregon Research Institute; Past President, Society for Multivariate and Experimental Psychology and the Association for Research in Personality.

" intriguing explanation for the power of music in our lives as individuals and as a society."
—Publishers Weekly, June 2, 2008

"An enjoyable and easy read...a provocative thesis agreeably presented."
—Kirkus Reviews, May 2008

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Titre : The World in six songs
Date de parution : août 2008
Éditeur : DUTTON
ISBN : 9780670067886 (0670067881)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 065556991
No de produit : 957070

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The World in six songs , LEVITIN, DANIEL J
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