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New York Vertigo - MICHEL SETBOUN

New York Vertigo


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This is a New York that no one has yet dared to explore. Photographer Michel Setboun spent ten years scaling the city's walls and scouring its rooftops to capture these images, and the results are not only dazzling, but occasionally dizzying. With their acute angles and dramatic views, these photographs capture the incredible vitality and spectacular variety of life in the world's greatest city.

From the intricate dance of the taxis below to the neon buzz drifting up from Times Square; the stern grandeur of the Chrysler Building's eagles to the color-saturated graffiti in Long Island City; the reflected stutter of midtown skyscrapers to the downtown canyons that open to the sea, readers will be amazed at the nerve (and balance!) required to take these beautifully composed pictures. Vertigo, indeed—but of the most soul-stirring kind.

Abrams, the world-premier art book publisher, is proud to introduce the Portfolio Collection, an exciting new format that presents the work of some of the world's most famous photographers. Allowing the reader to experience the photographs at the size the artist originally intended, each book in the Portfolio Collection is packaged within an attractive presentation box, which fastens with a magnet. The combination of great images in a beautifully designed case makes these books the perfect gift for photography lovers.

Prix : 48,00 $
Catégorie :
Titre : New York Vertigo
Date de parution : novembre 2007
Éditeur : ABRAMS
ISBN : 9780810995116 (0810995115)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 065553553
No de produit : 880724

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New York Vertigo , SETBOUN, MICHEL
© ABRAMS 2007
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