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& Fork


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Five years after the success of the groundbreaking SPOON (2002) from Phaidon Press comes the follow up collection AND FORK. The book is a comprehensive global overview of new industrial design, featuring 1,000 color illustrations of hundreds of innovative products created by the most forward-thinking young designers working today. This generously illustrated volume presents 100 of the world's most exceptional product designers that have recently emerged on the international scene, as chosen by 10 of the world's top design critics. A wide range of objects (including chairs, lighting, footwear, kitchen accessories and electronics) provide an up-to-date snapshot of the newest developments in the design world.

AND FORK is an indispensable reference for students, designers, architects and the general public interested in learning about contemporary design in everyday life. The 100 designers selected come from an impressive 24 countries including Brazil, Japan, Finland, the UK, Denmark, Israel, Australia, South Korea and the United States. Recent trends in design are revealed, such as more concern for social responsibility and the ethics of design, new product design that caters to our increasing dependence on portable and personal technology, and a rise in collaboration between young designers.

Some highlights from AND FORK include: D-Bros the Japan-based design group best known for their charming Hope Forever Blossoming Vase, a simple flat plastic bag that expands with water to take on both the look and behavior of a glass flower vase; Jennifer Carpenter, the New York-based designer of an infant bed that easily converts into toddler furniture; and Simon Heijdens, designer ofceramic bowls and plates that are immaculate and white when new, but over time develop delicate cracks in the glazing that slowly spread as a means of an organic, ever-changing and unique decoration.

Arranged in alphabetical order, AND FORK displays each designer on four pages that include photographs, technical drawings, and text written by the curators on why the designer's work has been chosen and details on future design plans. Each curator has also chosen one piece of design, such as the Radio Ts2 or the Schwinn Stingray bicycle, for the 'Good Design' chapter of the book. These are classics that have made a significant impact on the design world, and still influence young designers today. The pages of AND FORK illustrate superlative cutting-edge work from designers whose products display subversive manufacturing techniques, exciting displays of materials or refreshing twists.

Curators include Chieko Yoshiie of Casa Brutus in Japan, Francesca Picchi of Domus, Tom Dixon from Habitat UK and Sang-kyu Kim, a Korea-based design curator. No designer's table is set without both Spoon, And Fork.

Prix : 79,95 $
Catégorie :
Titre : & Fork
Date de parution : novembre 2007
Éditeur : PHAIDON
ISBN : 9780714847689 (0714847682)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 065552068
No de produit : 855411

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