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Chessmaster 10 - PC

Chessmaster 10


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More than ever, Chessmater 10th Edition delivers on its promise to make you a better chess player. The program will improve your game regardless of your level of experience. This landmark edition provides the largest upgrade ever to the features and graphics of the franchise. Whether you are new to chess or a tournament-level player, Chessmaster 10th Edition allows you to master history's greatest game.

Game Features:

The new Chessmaster Academy. At the Academy, International Master Josh Waitzkin will personally walk players through the basics of chess, plus introduce a variety of simple strategies for dominating your opponent.
A totally revised interface. Clean, clear and easy-to-navigate, this all new interface represents the biggest upgrade to the look and feel of Chessmaster in over seven years.
Full-featured online chess module. More than just a place to play chess live with other players, Chessmaster online allows players to establish rankings, create tournaments, utilize teaching tools, and join a thriving chess community.
More fun for the whole family. Features such as, animated chess sets, a variety of whimsical 3D sets, and simple and efficient learning tools, makes chess more fun than ever.
A comprehensive chess engine. Wise enough to teach an absolute beginner and powerful enough to defeat a grandmaster, experience the all-new edition of the King engine.
Intermediate and advanced player options. Seasoned chess players can test their skills against ranked AI opponents, set up tournaments and simultaneous exhibitions, and survey their performances using the new statistics system.

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows® 98, ME, XP (only)
Processor: Pentium® III 450 MHz or AMD Duron™ 600 MHz
RAM: 128 MB RAM (512 MB RAM recommended)
Video Card: 3D Video card (optional) and 3D video card with 32 MB RAM (recommended) DirectX® 9 compatible
Sound card: optional but recommended
DirectX Version: DirectX 9 (optional because included on disc)
CD-ROM drive speed: 4X
Hard Drive space: 450MB
Multiplay: Internet connection (56 Kbps or better) or LAN
Supported Video cards at Time of Release: ATI 7500 or better, NVidia GeForce or better

Prix : 20,99 $
Auteur : 
Titre : Chessmaster 10
Date de parution : novembre 2004
Éditeur : UBISOFT
Sujet : Echecs
ISBN : 823162002305
Référence Renaud-Bray : 730028607
No de produit : 608294