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This is Cuba - BEN CORBETT

This is Cuba


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"Relying on his own experience and on ordinary people that he met while living in Cuba, Corbett paints one of the most realistic portraits of life on that benighted island that has ever been published in America. This should be required reading for anyone who is thinking of visiting Cuba or buying a Cuban cigar."
Carlos Eire
author of Snow Falling on Havana
"By offering insight into the lifestyles and living rooms of common Cubans, Ben Corbett goes beyond those images to illustrate life amid the contradictions of a struggling socialist relic that has chosen tourism and the U.S. dollar as its economic saviors."
Seattle Times
"Let it be said immediately that This Is Cuba is quite simply the best, the most complete, and the most devastating portrait of that unfortunate country to be found in any language."
The National Review
"...the first book I've read that offers a complete - and accurate - treatment of life in contemporary Cuba."
Christopher P. Baker
author of Moon Handbooks: Cuba
"...the heartfelt testimony of someone who has immersed himself in Cuban life."
Seattle Times
"Corbett hits it right when he writes that most Cubans worry about daily survival, their next meal or how they will pay for goods that have been priced out of reach in a consumer economy that now pivots, ironically, on the U.S. dollar."
The Miami Herald
"…an honest, behind-the-scenes look at everyday Cubans dealing with life and survival."
Library Journal
"Offers a picture of the complex, contradictory, and chaotic island that remains the final battleground of the Cold War."
Rocky Mountain News
"A credible tour of modern Cuba."
Rob Meltzer, Milford Daily News
Beyond the throngs of tourists streaming through Central Havana's broad Prado Avenue, and outside the yoke of Castro's 43-year-old Revolutionary program, there exists a parallel Cuba – a separate evolution of a people struggling to survive. With personal stories that depict a people torn between following the directives of their government and finding a way to better their lot, journalist Ben Corbett gives us the daily life of many considered outlaws by Castro's regime. But are they outlaws or rather ingenious survivors of what many Cubans consider to be a forty-year mistake, a tangle of contradictions that have led to a stable instability? At a time when Cuba precariously walks on the ledge between socialism and capitalism, This is Cuba gets to the heart of this so-called outlaw culture, bringing readers into the living rooms, rooftops, parks, and city streets to listen to stories of frustration, hope, and survival.

Prix : 22,95 $
Catégorie :
Titre : This is Cuba
Date de parution : mars 2004
Éditeur : PERSEUS
ISBN : 9780813342245 (0813342244)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 215533678
No de produit : 36740

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