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The Cook's Compendium - JENNI DAVIS

The Cook's Compendium


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Essential cooking experience presented in 265 expert tips.

This compendium contains 265 tremendously useful cooking tips, techniques, shortcuts, wisdom and indispensable recipes that cooks of all experience will find to be valuable additions to their skill set.

Step-by-step photographs, labeled diagrams, tables, charts, "fix it" and "try it" features, and much more make this compendium an essential resource. The book covers a wide range of topics in seven thematic chapters and 20 recipes to practice techniques. The opening section has information on key ingredients, utensils, useful "gadgets and gizmos" and other essential tools.

Sections include:

Fish -- using fresh fish, the art of cooking fish, mastering shellfish
Meat -- tenderizing meat, beef: the ultimate red meat; versatile pork, lively lamb, popular poultry
Grains and legumes -- rice, perfect risotto, sensational sushi, pasta sauces, artisan pasta, noodles
Vegetables and fruits -- chopping, slicing, peeling; root veggies; greens; mushrooms; herbal magic; essential garlic; variety of spices; nuts and seeds; oils
Dairy -- understanding dairy ingredients, the joy of eggs: savory and sweet; cheese, other dairy
Baking -- utensils and ingredients, art of pastry, baking bread, cakes
Dinner's at 8 -- presentation techniques, menus.

Concise text, color photographs and instructions fill the user-friendly spreads. Essential preparations and techniques that may befuddle beginning cooks are included, for example:

Risotto: Use a "girosiro", a wooden spoon with a hole in the center, to double stirring power
Beef: Use the "fingertip test" to gauge the doneness of a steak
Meringue: Four tips for meringue peaked to perfection.

With this compendium, cooks of all experience will acquire skills, discover tricks, expand their repertoire and gain more confidence to try new things and fix problems. "Difficult" dishes will be easier, and new taste adventures will follow. This is an essential addition to all kitchen collections.

Prix : 19,95 $
Catégorie :
Titre : The Cook's Compendium
Date de parution : septembre 2017
Éditeur : FIREFLY
ISBN : 9781770859357 (1770859357)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 12397263
No de produit : 2258590

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The Cook's Compendium , DAVIS, JENNI
© FIREFLY 2017
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