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Clueless in the Kitchen: Cooking for Beginners - EVELYN RAAB

Clueless in the Kitchen: Cooking for Beginners


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Reviews of the previous edition:
"This is a great cookbook for the younger and inexperienced cook. The language used is informal and very conversational.... This book is extremely useful and a great addition to the library of the newly moved out young person."
--Resource Links

"Young adults who like to cook or would like to learn more about cooking will appreciate the abundant information and recipes here ... The author makes a strong case for fresh over convenience and processed food and explains many cooking and kitchen basics ... its basic food message is sensible and the recipes are appealing."

"Wryly humorous collection... substantial basic information on cooking... friendly, tongue-in-cheek tone."
--School Library Journal

Features more than 150 delicious, easy-to-make recipes for students and others on the go.

Clueless in the Kitchen is designed for beginners -- and other time-challenged cooks -- who love good food, cooked from scratch, and have very little time for cooking. Clueless in the Kitchen gives the straightforward instructions needed to put together healthful meals and snacks (without obsessing). There is lots of information on preparing meals for a household, even if it includes vegetarians or young parents with picky eaters. Included are survival tips and useful cooking advice for everyone, including knife skills every cook needs to know.

Now illustrated with 175 color photographs, this revised and updated edition guides the inexperienced cook through a whole new kitchen experience. Every recipe is presented and tested to ensure that it is easy to make in the least amount of time possible.

Clueless in the Kitchen is filled with simple recipes for just about everything. There are recipes for lasagna, chili and fajitas, there are curries and casseroles, hearty soups and lots of great snacks. There are even some truly decadent desserts.

The range of delicious recipes include:

chunky guacamole and other dips
creamy pumpkin, minestrone and potato soups
authentic Greek salad, cheery carrot and raisin salad
pancakes, crepes and scrambled eggs
beef stew, nearly normal shepherd's pie and sloppy joes
fried rice, stuffed peppers and thermonuclear chicken wings
amazing chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies.

Whether a beginner or short on time, or looking to spruce up an everyday cooking repertoire, Clueless in the Kitchen is the best possible guide to healthy home cooking.

Prix : 16,95 $
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Titre : Clueless in the Kitchen: Cooking for Beginners
Date de parution : juillet 2017
Éditeur : FIREFLY
Collection : PAPERBACK
ISBN : 9781770859333 (17708593311)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 12397252
No de produit : 2258589

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Clueless in the Kitchen: Cooking for Beginners , RAAB, EVELYN
© FIREFLY 2017
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