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If Only They Didn't Speak English - JON SOPEL

If Only They Didn't Speak English


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As the BBC’s North America Editor, Jon Sopel has experienced ‘the Greatest Country on Earth’ from a perspective that most could only dream of: he has travelled aboard Air Force One, interviewed President Obama and seen first-hand the gaudy splendour of Donald Trump’s billion-dollar empire.

Jon has also witnessed the darker side of the United States today. He was on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri as the riots took hold; he has visited gun shows, where lethal weapons are exhibited and sold like DIY tools; and he has listened to would-be-presidents turn TV evangelists, as they place their judgements in the hands of a god in whom they believe unquestioningly.
What Jon has discovered, is that for all we think we know the USA, it is – now more than ever – a truly foreign land.

If Only They Didn’t Speak English is a fascinating, insightful, portrait of American life and politics seen through British eyes. With the combination of Jon’s political expertise (as a BBC correspondent of more than 20 years) and his own stories from on the ground, it sets out to answer our questions about a country that once stood for the grandest of dreams but which is now mired in a storm of political extremism, racial division, and increasingly perverse beliefs.

Prix : 42,95 $
Catégorie :
Auteur :  JON SOPEL
Titre : If Only They Didn't Speak English
Date de parution : octobre 2017
Éditeur : BBC WORLD
ISBN : 9781785942266 (1785942263)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 12378180
No de produit : 2256678

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If Only They Didn't Speak English , SOPEL, JON
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