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Gluten Exposed: The Science Behind the Hype and How to Navigate to a Healthy, Symptom-Free Life - MD GREEN  PETER HR

Gluten Exposed: The Science Behind the Hype and How to Navigate to a Healthy, Symptom-Free Life


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“There’s a lot of confusion surrounding gluten—whether eliminating it can help you lose weight, clear brain fog, cure stomach issues and more. . . .If you are considering going gluten-free, you should definitely read this book first.” --Joy Bauer, MS, RDN, nutritionist for NBC's TODAY show, founder of Nourish Snacks and best-selling author of From Junk Food to Joy Food

In this comprehensive book on gluten, Dr. Peter H.R. Green, internationally renowned expert on celiac disease and gluten-related disorders, and director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, along with acclaimed medical writer Rory Jones, examine the gluten-free craze, identifying what is true, and what is just pseudoscience.

In recent years, droves of people have adopted a gluten-free lifestyle, believing it’s healthier, that it will treat a medical problem or help them lose weight and increase their energy. The diet, a regimen once followed only by those diagnosed with celiac disease—a serious autoimmune disorder caused by gluten—has become a cure-all, “prescribed” not only by gastroenterologists but also by dieticians, nutritionist, naturopaths, trainers, psychiatrists, and neurologists—even celebrities.

While the gluten-free diet is a lifesaver for those with celiac disease, food restriction is not the answer to most medical problems and many people on the diet should be looking for other causes of their symptoms. The diet may also be injuring their health by robbing them of nutrients and masking their real problems. People with celiac disease in particular need to be aware of how to eat a truly healthy gluten-free diet.

The latest medical findings show that a gluten-free diet is not for everyone. As Gluten Exposed reveals, it has many unintended consequences that every person on the diet should be aware of and learn to avoid. Green and Jones cut through the misinformation, false claims and widespread confusion over gluten to provide:

An in-depth easy-to-follow examination of every symptom and condition associated with gluten, including celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, IBS, joint pain, brain fog, diabetes, fatigue, itchy skin and fibromyalgia
A close look at the drugs, supplements, and other foods causing problems often blamed on gluten alone
An exploration of the relationship between your gut and brain, and how everything you eat—not just gluten, but other food and drugs—becomes part of the brain-gut cross-talk affecting your overall health
Answers to why you may still have symptoms on a gluten-free diet
A road map for how to deal with the chronic stress and social constraints of the gluten-free diet so that it doesn’t negatively impact your long-term health and well-being

Gluten Exposed is a practical guide book to help you make informed decisions about your diet and achieve a healthier, symptom-free life.

Prix : 21,00 $
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Titre : Gluten Exposed: The Science Behind the Hype and How to Navigate to a Healthy, Symptom-Free Life
Date de parution : août 2017
ISBN : 9780062561558 (0062561553)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 12111258
No de produit : 2210853

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Gluten Exposed: The Science Behind the Hype and How to Navigate to a Healthy, Symptom-Free Life , GREEN PETER HR, MD
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