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The Macros Approach - CHRISTINE HRONEC

The Macros Approach


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•The Macros Diet (IIFYM) has a core of adherents in the bodybuilding and weightloss world. Hundreds of thousand of people have achieved their health and weight loss goals via the macros diet.

•The purpose of this book is for readers to understand the concept of using macronutrients to index their meal planning efforts to reach their ultimate health and fitness goals. People are confused by the surplus of popular exclusion diets in mass media. I want the masses to learn 3 things:

1.) That they do not need to be at an extreme caloric deficit to support fat loss

2.) That they can eat generous ports of real foods, and

3.) That the macros based approach is a real lifestyle change and is not just a “quick fix” band-aid approach to poor nutrition.

•The whole trend of meal prep was once a characteristic “bro-diet” of the bodybuilding competitor community. With the explosion of instagram in the last 4 years, fitness competitions are no longer a thing just for men, and bikini competitions have become the new “marathon” goal for females. This has led to a refreshed approach to meal planning with new “macro friendly” recipes, videos, and blogs popping up daily and online coaches and nutrition gurus being made by the day because they posted a good “selfie.” This trend is not going away and more and more people are adapting the meal planning and “macros” based approach using a growing popular trend called “iifym” which stands for “if it fits your macros” and using macros tracking apps such as myfitnesspal to stay within their daily macro goals for the day.

•IIFMY does not focus on absolute strict adherence to food choices; but more an aggregate of food choices over time, always making sure to meet your macros and adjust back to healthier choices of making less healthy choices.

•The goal of the Macros diet is to match your fat, protein, and carbohydrate intake to known, reliable ratios that help you lose weight or maintain muscle mass. Once you know your idea ratio of fat to protein to carbs, you simply track those macronutrients in each of your meals, aiming to hit your desired total ratio daily.

•Macros diet originated in with bodybuilders in the 1970s[S1] but is now utilized by a wide variety of elite athletes include Samantha Briggs (Crossfit 2013 fittest woman on Earth) and Joe Ames (Crossfit 2015 Master division winner).

•Why Macros Matter is a no-nonsense guide on how to utilize a macro counting meal plans and bulk food preparation in order to meeting your macronutrient goals.

•Christine focuses on the practical application of how to count macros in your day to day life; utilizing easy to operate phone apps to record your daily intake and massive comprehensive meal plans to plan meals ahead of time, she shows the reader how IIFMY dieting is an easy to track method of meeting your goals.

•Christine has a background in chemistry, and a track record of coaching people to wins in phyqiue competitions, making her uniquely qualified to speak to the theoretical and practical methods of improving your body and your health through diet.

•Christine will promote the book through her largest platforms that include Instagram and YouTube. She recently put more emphasis on her YouTube channel and had seen the highest degree of engagement with this platform. She plans to announce new programs, discuss technical questions about nutrition, and answer complex questions that will be covered in this book via those channels

•Christine has also been featured in Flex Magazine, Muscle and Strength and various podcasts. We see a lot of opportunity for her to penetrate the mainstream publications with her messaging and recipe share

The go-to system for dieting has long been counting calories: to lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you use for fuel. But monitoring your caloric intake can only take you so far. It’s not how many calories you consume but the kinds of calories that ultimately determines if you reach your physique goal, whether that’s weight loss, fat loss, weight gain, or lean muscle gain. And knowing what your food is made of and using that information to eat better is the basis of the macros approach to nutrition.

Macronutrients, or “macros,” are what food is made of: protein, carbohydrates, and fat. You can customize the ratio of these macros exactly for your fitness and physique goals. And as fitness expert and nutrition scientist Christine Hronec reveals, it doesn’t mean eating only broiled chicken breast or steamed broccoli.

In Why Macros Matter, Hronec explains how the “if it fits your macros,” or IIFYM, diet gives you the freedom to eat whatever you want while still meeting your fitness goals. As long as you stick to your personal daily macros ratio, you can have that slice of pizza or scoop of ice cream. It’s not magic or wishful thinking—it’s based on sound, proven science, and it’s revolutionized how elite athletes train and perform.

Hronec brings the macros approach from the realm of personal trainers and nutritionists to everyday life by emphasizing meal planning and food preparation. With these two tools, it’s easy to customize your meals to match your fitness and physique goals, even while working full-time and training daily. Why Macros Matter does the work for you with dozens of customizable meal plans, all centered around specific macro ratios.

And even better, Hronec puts you in the driver’s seat by offering multiple options for every food. Tired of chicken? There are fish options with the exact same of protein and carbs.

It’s time to step away from restrictive, frustrating diets and enjoy your favorite foods again—while still getting the body you want and train for.

Prix : 46,95 $
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Titre : The Macros Approach
Date de parution : juin 2017
ISBN : 9781628603002 (1628603003)
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