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Is it in Yet?: The Big Book of Sexual Failures


17,95 $

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A celebration of sexual failures, Is it in Yet? is an antidote to all those self-help books obsessed with sexual performance. These bizarre but true tales of sexual stupidity and strangeness include the perils of having sex with a hot lasagna, the couple who suffocated while making love in the back of a hearse, the flasher who only exposed himself to department store mannequins, the man who mistook superglue for lubricant, the man who married his horse (and gave her lingerie), and such alarming fetishes as clowns, falling down stairs and licking eyeballs. Let's not forget the couple who were run over by the New York subway after having impromptu sex on a mattress they threw on the tracks, or the man from California who had an experimental electronic penile implant inserted, which would give erections upon the press of a button—or whenever his next-door neighbor used his electric garage door. If it's deviant, disturbing or just plain dumb, it's in this weird, wild, wonderfully awkward collection.

Prix : 17,95 $
Catégorie :
Auteur :  MARK LEIGH
Titre : Is it in Yet?: The Big Book of Sexual Failures
Date de parution : avril 2016
Éditeur : JOHN BLAKE
Collection : PAPERBACK
Pages : 272
Sujet : HUMOUR
ISBN : 9781784186883 (17841868811)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 11071064
No de produit : 1997123

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