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Secrets to Painting Realistic Faces in Watercolor - CARRIE STUART PARKS

Secrets to Painting Realistic Faces in Watercolor


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Paint Lively, Expressive Watercolor Portraits

Ready to unlock the secrets of watercolor? With the masterful instruction of Carrie Stuart Parks and Rick Parks, success is within your reach. In this beginner-friendly guide, Carrie and Rick shares their 30-plus years of experience as artists and instructors to give you the tools and techniques for painting lively, realistic watercolor portraits you can be proud of.

Detailed step-by-step demonstrations and lots of tips and sidebars help you avoid mistakes, stay loose and have fun. In addition to complete information on supplies and materials, each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of watercolor portrait painting, visually teaching you how to:

•Handle watercolors with confidence using washes, masking, underpainting and a "less-is-more" approach
•Map out great compositions by using grids, transferring the drawing, choosing colors and applying masking in the right places
•Convey light and dark values with precision and impact for striking, lifelike portraits
•Paint beautiful hair in all styles, colors and textures by building tones gradually
•Avoid common watercolor missteps (and learn to fix the ones you couldn't help) by following a whole chapter of advice just for those "oops" moments
•Gain the confidence to "step out of your comfort zone" and work to establish your own distinct and expressive painting style

Leave your frustration and fear of watercolor in the past. With Carrie Stuart Parks and Rick Parks you have all the guidance you

Prix : 25,99 $
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Titre : Secrets to Painting Realistic Faces in Watercolor

Éditeur : GUILD
Pages : 128
ISBN : 9781440309045 (1440309043)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 10779807
No de produit : 1961534

Secrets to Painting Realistic Faces in Watercolor , STUART PARKS,CARRIE
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