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Low budget tricks for small spaces - MONTSE BORRÀS & AL

Low budget tricks for small spaces


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200 stylish ways to decorate without spending a lot of money.

Decorating interiors can seem an impossible task when working with a less-than-ideal budget. A small space offers greater challenges and in the case of a one-room apartment or studio, it is essential that the design address the living space in its entirety. The design needs to be cohesive and flow from room to room. However, with ingenuity, creativity and a few tricks, you can decorate "on the cheap" and create first-class results.

Taking on a low-cost decorating project of any size involves strategic planning, practicality and initiative, but especially in a small space. Asking for estimates from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, learning how to bargain, and repurposing furniture and accessories can reap substantial savings. Comparing prices and deciding what specific items to save on are essential considerations. And, it always helps to make compromises which can yield stylish results that reveal your personality: do you really need a new side table or do you have a favorite item that can work in its place?

Low Budget Tricks for Small Spaces shows how to decorate from room to room using the same principles throughout. The book guides you through the process beginning with assessing needs and fixing a realistic, low-cost budget to finding accessories and adornments for less money.

The 200 tips and tricks include:

Creating an action plan
Recognizing quality in low-cost materials and how to choose them
Obtaining furniture on a low-cost budget
How to decorate over time while maintaining a low-cost budget
Dozens of ideas for minimal budget home makeovers
Essential techniques, practical resources and other low-cost tips.

A home that delivers personal style does not require a lot of money. Low Budget Tricks for Small Spaces shows how creativity and ingenuity can help to make a home welcoming, functional and stylish.

Prix : 24,95 $
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Titre : Low budget tricks for small spaces
Date de parution : septembre 2013
Éditeur : FIREFLY
ISBN : 9781770852150 (1770852158)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 595518550
No de produit : 1434482

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Low budget tricks for small spaces , BORRÀS, MONTSE & AL
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