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John Clarke: Explorer of the Coast Mountains - LISA BALLE

John Clarke: Explorer of the Coast Mountains


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In this fascinating biography, author Lisa Baile provides a detailed portrait of John Clarke, the man who became British Columbias most renowned mountaineer by doing it his way. Clarke had no interest in trophy climbs and never did ascend many of BCs highest peaks. On the other hand, he explored more virgin territory and racked up more first ascents than any other climberperhaps more than any climber who ever lived. Although he came to be honoured far and wide and is one of the few mountaineers to be awarded the Order of Canada, he was a modest man who pursued his passion without fanfare, frequently embarking on gruelling expeditions into unknown territory by himself. His reputation spread and grew to legendary proportions, not just owing to the prodigious scale of his achievements, but because of the way he carried them outhe travelled light and had no money for high-tech gear, wearing cotton long johns and eating lentils and homemade granola. He dedicated his life to exploring the numberless, nameless peaks of the Coast Mountains and worked at odd jobs just long enough to pay for the next seasons climbing. He was charismatic and famously attractive to women, but none were able to compete with his first love and he didnt marry until he was fifty-six. Always a popular lecturer, he devoted his considerable energies to conservation and environmental education in his later years. After he succumbed to cancer in 2003, the BC government named Mount John Clarke in his honourfitting recognition for the man who had himself named many BC mountains. John Clarke: Explorer of the Coast Range covers this remarkable life from beginning to end, examining Clarke through his own words and pictures as well as through the words of his many friends. All agree it was an honour to have known him, and readers will find it equally inspiring to meet him through these pages.

Prix : 29,99 $
Catégorie :
Auteur :  LISA BALLE
Titre : John Clarke: Explorer of the Coast Mountains
Date de parution : janvier 2013
ISBN : 9781550175837 (1550175831)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 195517338
No de produit : 1339883

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