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Bob Marley - Rasta Reggae - MARLEY BOB

Bob Marley - Rasta Reggae


14,99 $

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CD 1
1-Rainbow Country; 2-Keep on moving; 3-Brain washing; 4-Soul shakedown; 5-Natural mustic; 6- Lively up yourself; 7-Soon come; 8-Caution; 9-Soul Rebel; 10-Kaya; 11-African Herbsman; 12-Rebel's hop; 13-Soul Captis; 14; Can't you see; 15- Back out; 16-It's alright; 17-No water; 18-Treat yoiu right; 19-Hammer; 20-Reaction.

CD 2
1- Trench town rock; 2-Mycup; 3-Sun is shining; 4-400 years; 5-Stand alone; 6-Mellow moods; 7-Small axe; 8-All in one; 9-No sympathy; 10-Cheer up; 11-You can't do that to me; 12-Don't rock my boat; 13-Duppy; 14-Riding High; 15; Try me; 16-Corner stone; 17-There she goes; 18-How many times ?; 19-Do it twice; 20-Go tell it on the mountain.

Prix : 14,99 $
Catégorie :
Auteur :  MARLEY BOB
Titre : Bob Marley - Rasta Reggae
Date de parution : mai 2012
Éditeur : LYDIFF
Collection : CADRE NOIR
Sujet : REGGAE
UPC : 5397001511112
Référence Renaud-Bray : 901496477
No de produit : 1292201

Bob Marley - Rasta Reggae , MARLEY BOB
© LYDIFF 2012
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