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Behind the scenes: Contemporary set design - TOM HOWELLS - PHOEBE ADLER

Behind the scenes: Contemporary set design


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Behind the Scenes: Contemporary Set Design is a visually rich survey of contemporary set design for the theater, opera and contemporary performance-based work. International in scope, Behind the Scenes presents the imaginative and innovative work of a broad range of designers, including Peter Brooks, Ming Cho Lee, Alison Chitty, Es Devlin, Robert Wilson, Robert Lepage, Romeo Castellucci and Chloe Lamford; and organizations such as Hotel Pro Forma, Ex Machina, Station House Opera and Punch Drunk.

Featuring initial sketches, diagrams and photographs, this book provides an understanding of theater design and its methods, that—in contrast with the number of specific ‘how-to’ set design books on the market—appeals to beginners and enthusiasts, alongside students and theater professionals alike.

Behind the Scenes: Contemporary Set Design covers a myriad of innovations, from traditional set designs, to those that push boundaries using immersive sets, or pop-up theaters in derelict locations; alongside organizations that use set design to social advantage—for example Cardboard Citizens.

The lavishly illustrated work presented throughout the book is punctuated by a number of essays by noteworthy personalities, covering subjects such as the history of set design, technical processes from design to production, and new emerging trends. International in scope Behind the Scenes includes examples from the Prague Quadrennial, BAM in Brooklyn, the Metropolitan Opera in New York and the National Theatre and the Royal Opera House in London.

Featuring artists whose work has crossed over into the theater—such as, David Hockney, whose imaginative designs have been brought to life in a variety of productions from the Magic Flute to Tristan und Isolde; Behind the Scenes: Contemporary Set Design positions set design within a larger context of visual art, design and culture.

Prix : 39,95 $
Catégorie :
Titre : Behind the scenes: Contemporary set design
Date de parution : mai 2014
Éditeur : BLACK DOG
Collection : PAPERBACK
Pages : 192
ISBN : 9781907317743 (19073177411)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 065571450
No de produit : 1288582

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Behind the scenes: Contemporary set design , HOWELLS, TOM*ADLER, PHOEBE
© BLACK DOG 2014
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