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Finding myself in fashion - JEANNE BEKER

Finding myself in fashion


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Having a free day to myself this summer almost seems impossible, but when the opportunity presents itself, I sure take advantage of some extra fun in the sun.

Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to attend the signing for Jeanne Beker`s newest book¨Finding Myself in Fashion¨ at Indigo Bookstore Ste-Catherine. As cliché as it sounds, I could only describe the event as ¨Unforgettable¨ ¨Surreal¨ and ¨Surprisingly Intimate¨. Jeanne (pronounced Jean-E) was simply delightful as she spoke with Clin D`Oeil Fashionista Lolitta Dandoy on topics about her life, her fashion, and reflecting on opinions as to where fashion designers are heading to in the omnipresent future.

The experience was made ultimately individual as multiple questions were taken from the crowd, giving a one-on-one moment to lucky fans of the guest of honor.

For this blogger, the ending came with great rewards, as I got the opportunity for an autograph and picture with Jeanne Beker herself. Needless to say, Jeanne erases all stereotypes of superficiality, she may have shared candid moments with Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen in the fashion universe, but she is a down to earth human being. When I asked her about how someone could achieve a status like hers, she replied ¨Don`t aim to be similar to me, but take a step to approach fashion in a way that is as individual as you are.¨ A statement that begs to be posted on a wall and studied endlessly.

Those words I must now direct myself with, like a bedazzled compass showing me the way. This experience will always allow me to reflect upon that one moment that allows the cosmic epiphany, allowing me to think: ¨How do I reflect my fashion differently than another? ¨

Prix : 32,00 $
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Titre : Finding myself in fashion
Date de parution : juin 2011
Éditeur : VIKING
ISBN : 9780670064571 (0670064572)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 595516417
No de produit : 1182221

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Finding myself in fashion , BEKER, JEANNE
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