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1000 recipes for simple family food - ELEANOR MAXFIELD & AL

1000 recipes for simple family food


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A cornucopia of tasty recipes that is sure to please the entire family.

From simple snacks to family favorites to classic desserts, these recipes will attract every member of the family and will suit almost any occasion. This comprehensive cookbook features 1,000 delicious recipes that cover an incredibly diverse range of tastes and preferences, whatever the need or request.

The recipes are straightforward and feature good, wholesome ingredients easily found in any supermarket. For a speedy supper when everyone has somewhere important to go or a hearty dish for a leisurely Sunday dinner, 1000 Recipes for Simple Family Food is full of terrific ideas -- a godsend for any home chef who is constantly being asked to create new dishes.

The book features:

-Simple snacks and light bites, from lunchbox ideas to grab-and-go meals
-30-minute meals, simple suppers and make-ahead dinners for mid-week
-Essential recipes for the best in home cooking
-Hearty, hassle-free meals that can be prepared quickly and require little clean up
-Fabulous food on a limited budget
-Vegetarian options that are tasty and exciting
-Fun, creative recipes that keep fussy kids happy
-Fresh breads, biscuits, cakes and more
-Delicious desserts that will please everyone

The recipes are easy to follow and there are beautiful color photographs of finished dishes throughout the book. Beginning cooks will find this book especially useful.

An excellent cookbook for today's busy family, 1000 Recipes for Simple Family Food keeps every family member coming back for seconds.

Prix : 29,95 $
Catégorie :
Titre : 1000 recipes for simple family food
Date de parution : octobre 2010
Éditeur : FIREFLY
ISBN : 9781554077335 (1554077338)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 165536229
No de produit : 1102407

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1000 recipes for simple family food , MAXFIELD, ELEANOR & AL
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