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The Color of style - DAVID ZYLA

The Color of style


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Use your true colors to make things go your way

Ever wonder why your favorite first date outfit hasn't landed you Mr. Right? Feel uncomfortable at job interviews in your trendy new power suit? The problem isn't you-it may be that you aren't showing the world your true colors. David Zyla knows how color can change a woman's mood and even her life. As the Emmy-nominated head costume designer of All My Children and the designer of his own label, he's dressed everyone for success from Susan Lucci to Hillary Clinton.

In The Color of Style, Zyla helps readers discover their authentic style by showing them how to identify their true colors based on their eyes, their hair, the palm of their hands, and the tones of their wrists. Using his unique system, women will know exactly which colors reveal their authentic selves to the world. They'll also learn which color to wear for any occasion and how to set the tone for any event:

·Essence Color: to put others at ease ·Tranquil Color: to be at ease ·Vital Color: to inspire romance or show passion ·Energy Color: to boost your sense of well-being ·Dramatic Color: to get a little extra attention when you need to stand out

Using Zyla's groundbreaking system, women will learn to create their own pop-from-the-pack color brand. By claiming your own authentic style, you'll finally be able to show the world your true colors-and your true beauty.

Though it may seem contrarian at first, Zyla has chosen to do this book without color. The colors readers need don't match anything anybody can print: They match what you wear everyday-your skin, your eyes, your hair. In The Color of Style we're bringing you perfection-the exact tone, shade, and intensity that bring out the best in you.

Prix : 32,50 $
Catégorie :
Auteur :  DAVID ZYLA
Titre : The Color of style
Date de parution : mars 2010
Éditeur : DUTTON
ISBN : 9780525951537 (0525951539)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 595515465
No de produit : 1067460

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The Color of style , ZYLA, DAVID
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