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Monster (Collection 16 Movies) (3 DVD)

Monster (Collection 16 Movies) (3 DVD)

24,99 $

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*** Résumé en anglais seulement ***

To prevent panic at a ski resort, several deaths are blamed on a bear, but then a ski patrolman, Tony Rill (Robert Logan) spots a giant, shadowy figure disappearing into the woods.

Creature from the Haunted Sea
In this Roger Corman classic, a mobster (Antony Carbone) helps Cuban loyalists escape by boat, plotting to kill and rob them and blame their deaths on a mythical sea monster...until the beast actually comes to life.

Beast from Haunted Cave
After staging a heist in South Dakota, a gang of bank robbers are making their getaway through the snowy wilderness when they stumble upon a hideous cave—dwelling monster with a taste for blood.

The Beast of Yucca Flats
Evil agents chase a talented scientist (Tor Johnson) defecting from Russia into a nuclear test site where an explosion infuses him with enough radiation to make him a walking monster.

The Mad Monster
After injecting wolf's blood into his hapless neighbor, university scientist Dr. Cameron (George Zucco) orders his monstrous creation to unleash its throat-ripping fury on the four former colleagues responsible for his termination.

The Giant Gila Monster
A mammoth Gila monster terrorizes an unsuspecting town by stomping through the streets, crushing buildings and killing at will.

King of the Zombies
During WWII, a special agent's plane crashes on a remote island inhabited by zombies. As the rest of his group becomes entranced by their spell, the agent must take on the lifeless monsters alone.

The Monster Maker
A mad scientist injects a concert pianist with a serum that causes acromegaly, a disfiguring, bone-distorting disease. His malicious plan is to extort a large sum of money from the musician before he'll relinquish the antidote.

Lady Frankenstein
Tania Frankenstein's first order of business after taking over her father's work is to transplant her lover's brain into the handsome groundskeeper's body. But she'll have to wait because Dr. Frankenstein's monster has returned for revenge.

Sisters of Death
At a reunion, the dark secret that five members of a women's society share comes back to haunt them.

When three young women answer phony ads for employment as a housekeeper, little do they know it's a ruse to solicit subjects for an evil doctor's unethical experiments.

Bride of the Gorilla
A witch uses voodoo to turn a killer (Raymond Burr) into a bloodthirsty ape-like creature that prowls the night.

She Demons
Shipwrecked on an uncharted volcanic island, a beautiful but spoiled heiress (Irish McCalla) becomes the target of a madman.

Attack of the Giant Leeches
In a small swampland town, people are falling prey to a vicious breed of giant leeches.

The Sound of Horror
Treasure hunters disturb a nest of prehistoric eggs, releasing a screeching invisible force with a lust for flesh.

Moon of the Wolf
The sheriff (David Janssen) of a tiny swampland town must discover who—or what—is responsible for the brutal murder of a young woman.

Prix : 24,99 $
Titre : Monster (Collection 16 Movies) (3 DVD)
Date de parution : septembre 2015
Langue : Anglais
UPC : 096009356347
Référence Renaud-Bray : 750203080
No de produit : 1746820

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