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1-Bit Symphony - PERICH TRISTAN

1-Bit Symphony


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*** Résumé en anglais seulement ***

(5-Year Anniversary Reprint) Tristan Perich's 1-Bit Symphony is an electronic composition in five movements on a single microchip. Though housed in a CD jewel case like his first circuit album (1-Bit Music 2004), 1-Bit Symphony is not a recording in the traditional sense; it literally "performs" its music live when turnedon. A complete electronic circuit-programmed by the artist and assembled by hand-plays the music through a headphone jack mounted into the case itself. Back in stock on Physical Editions for its 5-year anniversary, 1-Bit Symphony is a return to the format of Perich's lauded 1-Bit Music (described by the Village Voice as "technology and aesthetic rolled into one"), 1-Bit Symphony further reduces the hardware involved while simultaneously expanding its musical ideas. 1-Bit Symphony utilizes on and off electrical pulses, synthesized by assembly code and routed from microchip to speaker, to manifest data as sound. The device treats electricity as a sonic medium, making an intimate connection between the materiality of hardware and the abstract logic of software. NEW YORK PRESS "Perich's symphony is sublime. All five movements are infused with the jittery glitch of Alva Noto's earlier work, the ordinal minimalism of Steve Reich, the ambient flutters of Tim Hecker's best, the invariable positive bounce of Lucky Dragons... There isn't enough good I can say about this project. Listen to it. Buy it. Live it." TIME OUT NEW YORK "Playful, retro-futurist, digitally based and hopelessly, unapologetically nerdy... a music box for the iPod era" WALL STREET JOURNAL "[Its] oscillations have an intense, hypnotic force and a surprising emotional depth" BOMB MAGAZINE "A relentless cascade of counterpointing textures and cutting sheets of tone" SEQUENZA 21 "Gone is symphonic bloat, replaced instead by delicate circuitry. And the artifact itself is easily the coolest physical recording medium I've come across in some time" MOTHERBOARD "As simple as it is boggling... [1-Bit Symphony] resonates far deeper than you might ever expect from lines of code in a Chiclet-sized piece of silicon" FILTER MAGAZINE "[Perich's] is the sort of work that sticks to your bones long after consuming it, all the while making you feel moved, perplexed and oddly uncomfortable while it still works it way through your psyche... get your hands on one of these as soon as you can... it's worth the rush" NEW YORK MAGAZINE "High-brow" & "Brilliant" LONDON DAILY "From these meagre components he fashions strikingly ambitious and emotionally resonant compositions; his recently issued 1-Bit Symphony... is as affecting as any piece of music that's been released this year" PITCHFORK "Simply staring at Tristan Perich's 1-Bit Symphony is satisfying enough. And [the] sound is as interesting as its sleeve."

Prix : 54,99 $
Catégorie :
Titre : 1-Bit Symphony
Date de parution : juin 2016
UPC : 856322005007
Référence Renaud-Bray : 11077402
No de produit : 1999180

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1-Bit Symphony , PERICH TRISTAN
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